miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

So sorry I said

If this is a ghettoI'm in it with youIf it's just a prisonI'm locked in it tooI tried to leave youbut after all that you had saidI went to pieceswhen I should have shouted and screamedinsteadSo sorry, I said
Your powers of persuasionthose quizzical eyeshave tired and tied mewith innocent guileI meant to walk outafter all the tears we'd shedI should have stalked outgone and painted the town bright redbut insteadSo sorry, I said
How tough it getsDon't talk to me about itTo pay off your debtsI worked on overtimeand you say you've never believed in luck
If you need a reasonconsider me madAn old retainerloyal and sadI bought my freedomafter all that we have sharedI couldn't leave youThink of the skins I'd have to shedinsteadSo sorry, I saidSo sorry, I saidSo sorry, I said